David¡¦s MBA Career Management offers 3-Phase MBA Career Branding services. (Please click ¡§Blog¡¨ on the top for details.)

Get lost in writing MBA essays and choosing career directions? Spent weeks and months but still don¡¦t know where is my REAL future with MBA? Which program really fits me? Why should I study MBA anyway???

Only 3 Phases, simple but powerful!!!

David¡¦s MBA Career Branding Service can help you find out your REAL CAREER FOR LIFE, and market yourself to the TRUE FIT MBA programs!

Phase I--In Depth Career Explorer
Phase II--Curriculum Interpretation & Program Fitting
Phase III--Career Branding on Application Package process.

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Phase I: In-Depth Career Explorer
Find out your REAL LIFE CAREER through "3 Career Drivers": Enthusiasm, Personality, and Professional Capabilities.
In Depth Career Explorer First,
illuminate your academic and professional capabilities, and find out your Enthusiasm, Personality, and Professional Capabilities through identifying your behavioral patterns of personal traits, interests, value system, and life goals. Invisible talent and subconscious behavioral patterns are often the missing parts but the most critical drivers for career coherence.

From the results, explore your REAL LIFE CAREER through synthesizing your Enthusiasm, Personality, and Professional Capabilities into actionable career focus. Then enjoy life with your Enthusiasm!!!¡¨
Phase II: MBA Program Fitting & Curriculum Interpretation
According to PHASE I, we know what exact profession(s) should you pursuit in your MBA. Then choose your FIT programs accordingly.

Identify the matching elements in Value Chain, such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, operation, HR, strategy, managerial skill set, and leadership. We will also find out program objectives, logics and capacity to match personal goals.

Examine the specific resources and relevant courses, then hand-pick the FIT programs with suitable managerial training framework.

You can choose ¡§All You Can Ask¡¨, ¡§Express 4-School¡¨, or even ¡§Single School¡¨ service packages.
Phase III: Personal Marketing on Essays
Supporting Program-Specific Essay Synthesizing, Career Branding on Resume and on Letters of Recommendation, or other Individual Outputs:

Presentation Package
Each element is closely correlated with one another. Synthesizing all dimensions of capacity portfolio with clear career theme is critical, whereas presenting career package through cross-format integration to champion the optimized position is vital, even for your life.

The career value of every individual is multi-dimensional, reaching down to certain extent of definition, with clear logic theme. It can be presented in certain form of ¡§career presentation package¡¨ with given objectives. For MBA application objective, the career presentation package is essay package, resume, and recommendation of letters, with cover letter for some schools.

Admission Committees evaluate individual applicants through cross-dimensional criteria, such as the genuine motivation, the clarity of career objectives and logic, extent of self-awareness, and relevant core competence and shortage details, not only about studying MBA, but also about real-life.

Essays are a space to present your fit for this program by answering specific questions, these questions are closely connected with the objectives and positioning of the given program, also are linked to the resource power of this program. These questions may examine your career portfolio by different dimensions, your motivation, goals, professional and personal capacities, characteristics, and career logic, and the most importantly, why this program? What¡¦re the specific reasons or details that can fulfill your needs by their supply, and mutually how can you contribute to fulfill their needs? If your career portfolio can closely fit the resource package of certain program, then you are the one.

Resume is the official career presentation format with chronological or functional logic. Clear objectives and specific goals are needed for sound career theme. The main purpose is not only show reader your accumulated experiences through out career progress, but also tell them what specific relevant capacities do you have for target position, such as professional knowledge, qualitative and/or quantitative skills, individual capability as well as teamwork comprehension or even managerial skills, while most importantly, where is this career path heading for? How do these capacities and attributes correlated with your motivation and characteristics. Professional career reviser can help on correlating career logic, while English Business Communication Techniques are critical to present powerful career value in concise and persuasive fashion.

Recommendation of Letters
To evaluate the candidacy of applicants in overall dimensions, especially in business circumstance, references from third parties are required while intimate supervisors with close view on applicant for credible timeframe are strongly preferred. Overall capacity of applicant needs to be reviewed, criteria covering individual capabilities regarding task-handling, problem-solving, teamwork efficiency, professional skills, entrepreneurship, quantitative and/or qualitative skills, and leadership.

The perspectives in Recommendation of Letters from referents are highly correlated with attributes and patterns in career portfolio in terms of essay package, resume, and even cover letter. Cross-material integration with genuine presentation can be vital when reconciling with Recommendation of Letters in referents' standpoints.
Wish to help you on real-life career success through the "fit" MBA.